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Attack on Titan - Season 2
Attack on Titan - Season 2

Attack on Titan - Season 2

After Levi, Isabel, and Furlan escape from the thugs, they are persecuted by members of the Military. Levi guesses that they are part of the Survey Corps because they are far more skillful than the Military Police. Levi and his friends try to evade them by splitting them up, but his friends are finally trapped by two soldiers and Levi by Erwin Smith and Mike Zacharias. There Erwin makes a deal: if they join the Survey Corps, they will not be judged by the Military Police. Without any other choice, Levi accepts the deal.

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Genre: Action , Adventure , Animation , Sci-Fi

Actor: Marina Inoue




Release: 2015-07-03

Duration: 40

Quality: 4K

Rating: 0



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